Treasure Hunter, Thrill Gatherer


I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine, that may not be so secret to other experienced vintage hunters. The art of antiquing, thrifting, picking, vintage hunting, or whatever you like to call it, is a sexy experience. It can take you from intrigue, to desire, to full pursuit, total desperation, and then complete and utter satisfaction. Can I get an Amen! No matter how many brand new shiny things you buy, you are never going to get that same satisfaction shopping in a mall or box store, where there are copies, upon copies, upon copies of the same thing. And if you missed out because you were the 333rd customer to want one, there are more copies in the back, you just have to ask. Don’t even get my started on all the environmental benefits of shopping second hand! That’s a whole other blog post!

Maybe when you walk into an antique store or thrift shop you just see a bunch of old stuff, someone else’s baggage, like looking into a crowd and noticing all the people who have had their hearts broken, so their inner light doesn’t shine as bright as it used to. When I walk in the room, I see potential. One woman’s cast off is another woman’s treasure. The possibility of having something exceptional, unique and rare, and ohhhh the beautiful things we will create together! It starts out simple and playful with no real intentions, just a fun afternoon out, but when the possibility of scoring something spectacular and unique is within your grasp, well, let’s just say it gets all the juices flowing. It’s as if it awakens the primal instincts of both the hunter and the gatherer within. The balance and equilibrium of the masculine and feminine inside your body like a playful tug of war, both wanting to get what they want. You will not leave unsatisfied. This is not your first rodeo!

You flip through racks of retro clothes that leave you reeling, a little drunk and giddy as all the wishes, desires and stories of all those who wore them before radiate from them to you. You meander along to scan vintage records, each one taking you on a convertible moonlight drive, playing one after the other dreamily through your head. You are on a pleasure cruise of the past and find yourself totally lost inside the memories of old, disconnecting from time and space and you find yourself existing in the places where dreams are of made of and then you happen to look up, half in a daze and it catches your eye. Across the room, through the crowd and clutter, a vintage leopard print coat with your name written all over it. You are pretty sure it sees you too. You freeze, like you’ve just become a leopard yourself and you’ve locked your eyes on a potentially delicious meal. It can trigger an intensity and excitement the likes of which I find hard to explain. I have been known to scream “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” while running like a maniac through an antique shop to some amazing thing I’ve spotted, or on occasion jumping up and down squealing like a child. Both of which are decidedly un-sexy behaviours. So this time, I straighten up, I shake my mane, shoulders back, chin up, I regain my cool and saunter over like I’m only mildly interested. It has to impress me first. I’ll need a closer look. When you discover, upon closer inspection that it is all you had hoped for and more, the feeling that transpires falls somewhere between, what I imagine a pirate might feel when they finally find the treasure they have been seeking across oceans of time, and the satisfaction a wild cat feels when it takes down it’s prey in it’s ravenous jaws. Both elated with gratitude and totally voracious at once. It’s like you’ve scored the mother load! To you it might be just a coat, but to me, to me it’s like a hot rush of inspiration, and I must act on it. Like a painter who’s just discovered a new colour and must capture it on canvas immediately. The possibilities are endless! It makes me want to drop everything I had going on for the rest of the day and just dream up all the stories that can and will be told with that coat. It’s a goddamn love story. Every time. Discovering it is a thrill, especially when it catches you off guard, and once you finally have it, it’s soooooo satisfying. Sexy.  “Would you like it in the bag?”. “Why yes, yes I would.” Now home to sleep, I’m spent!

“There she was just a-walkin’ down the street, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
Snappin’ her fingers and shufflin’ her feet, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
She looked good (looked good), she looked fine (looked fine)
She looked good, she looked fine and I nearly lost my mind

Before I knew it she was walkin’ next to me, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
Holdin’ my hand just as natural as can be, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
We walked on (walked on) to my door (my door)
We walked on to my door, then we kissed a little more

Whoa-oh, I knew we was falling in love
Yes I did, and so I told her all the things I’d been dreamin’ of

Now we’re together nearly every single day, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
A-we’re so happy and that’s how we’re gonna stay, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
Well, I’m hers (I’m hers), she’s mine (she’s mine)
I’m hers, she’s mine, wedding bells are gonna chime

Whoa-oh, I knew we was falling in love
Yes I did, and so I told her all the things I’d been dreamin’ of

Now we’re together nearly every single day, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
A-we’re so happy and that’s how we’re gonna stay, singin’ “Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do”
Well, I’m hers (I’m hers), she’s mine (she’s mine)
I’m hers, she’s mine, wedding bells are gonna chime 

Manfred Mann (Doo Wah Diddy)



PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Michael Sanders, Electric Monk Media

STYLING, HAIR & MAKEUP BY: Tara Cole-McCaffrey, Patron of Dreams

VINTAGE FASHION: The infamous leopard print coat, Scottish military piper jacket, Indian textile vest, and white fur stole ALL from Found On Corydon (a.k.a. Metalphysical Moon), in Winnipeg.

PHOTOSHOOT LOCATION: I had the privilege of doing this photoshoot in one of my favourite vintage/antique stores in Winnipeg, Found On Corydon (Metalphysical Moon), located in the heart of Wolseley. It is an absolute treasure trove that would titillate even the most experienced of vintage and antique hunters. You could comb through for hours and never find all the hidden gems in this store. The store itself is a treasure. It’s like a museum warehouse of artifacts from every era and background. A bohemian paradise reserved only for the truest treasure seekers. The ones who seek the diamond in the rough, and the stories behind each item. While I also love to shop expertly curated vintage in tidy rows of lovingly decorated and designed boutiques in Winnipeg, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of the hunt. Every time I go, I feel as though I’ve been given special access into a dragon’s lair where many years of treasure have been lovingly collected and guarded. Except the owner, Candis Militere is no dragon. Far from it. She is a sweet and kind hearted lady with an artists heart, who I’ve had the privilege of bonding with over a shared passion for old treasures.

NOW is a great time to check out Found on Corydon (Metal Physical Moon) if you haven’t yet because they are re-orgainizing, and clearing space out! There are DEALS, DEALS, DEALS to be had until December 27th! Clothing is buy 1 get the 2nd 1/2 price. They have a DISCOUNT JAR for furniture sales where you get to pick your discount from 25% to 50% off.  BOXING DAY will be 50% OFF everything in the store!!! Don’t miss out Winnipeg!



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