Modern Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins and I are kindred spirits!  She’s an empowered woman, no nonsense and uncompromising in her mission.  She gets what she wants and she get’s shit done without complaint so she can spend her time revelling in the magic and joy of life. She also genuinely tries to leave every person who’s life she touches a little better for having known her.

This look is my take on a modern-day Mary Poppins.  No longer living in a time where she must suppress her witchy ways or mask her assertive and unconventional nature with a prim and proper appearance.  But she’s still a lady who moves with pride and purpose, embracing her femininity with gusto!

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

Photo by Michael Sanders

This outfit is a perfect marriage of old-meets-new!  It’s a good example of how you can integrate vintage pieces, like this skirt and boat hat with very contemporary pieces like the faux leather jacket and Dr. Martens boots to make it your own.  This maxi skirt is such a gorgeous piece.  It’s actually part of a Victorian-inspired costume I got at a festival a couple of years ago.  It’s hand-made and it’s details are a work of art, with it’s train, high waist and mini-bustle.  Definitely a statement piece!

This photo shoot was so fun! Kicking around the historical Exchange District in Winnipeg, where many a Hollywood movie has filmed, and goofing around on rooftops. A favourite shot of mine is of the historical painting on the side of the Burton Cummings Theatre, of a Suffragette wearing the “VOTES FOR WOMEN!” banner.  So fitting for this shoot, and just like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way!”.

PHOTOS BY: Michael Sanders of Electric Monk Media

MODELLING & STYLING BY: Patron of Dreams

MAKEUP & HAIR BY: Patron of Dreams

VINTAGE: Skirt, felt boat hat by Georgette, velour needlepoint bag

Leather Dr. Martens boots, cropped faux leather moto jacket by Daytrip, steer skull tank by Element, black bandeaux by One Teaspoon, faux snake-skin belt and fishnet stockings.

JEWELRY: Quartz crystal pendant from Shakti, quartz crystal/hematite necklace and rose quartz/Arabic coin necklace by Patron of Dreams.



2 thoughts on “Modern Mary Poppins

  1. Mary poppin was one of my faves as a child. I love that you bring her back to life in your blog! She definitely is exactly how you describe.

    Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…….. 😉

    Only Mary Poppins can get away with sugar as medicine 🙂


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