Guests of Fashion Contest Winner!

A week ago, I posted a picture of my OOTD (outfit of the day) on my Instagram account.

photo 1

I’ve been doing this quite regularly since summer, so I never gave it a second thought, it’s just what I do and I love it.  My Husband had just gotten home from work and I was busy making dinner for our family.  Before he had a chance to take his shoes off I asked him if he could take a quick picture of me before it got too dark outside.  The kids were busy playing and dinner was ready to serve.  I quickly pinned my hair into a messy top knot , threw on my jacket and boots and ran outside to catch the light before it changed.  I remember thinking that I hoped there were no food splatters on my crisp white shirt from cooking. This is the not-so -glamourous, but oh-so-real side of a style blogger, and the reality of our busy lives that pull us in many directions all the time.

Shortly after I posted the pic, Guests of Fashion commented on it saying they loved my outfit and that they were running an #OOTD contest looking for the best outfit with Prints & Patterns and they’d love for me to enter.  So of course, I did!

photo 2

Within a short time, I realized that my picture was posted on their instagram account as their fifth and last finalist in the contest. The finalist with the most “likes” after 48 hours would be featured on the Guests of Fashion website. I considered that I had only been style blogging for less than 2 weeks and this was one of those magical moments when you are given a gift of opportunity.  Life experience has shown me that fortune favours the bold,  so I reached out to my social media community on very short notice to please go and like my pic, and that as they say, was that! I WON!

After a quick email exchange providing some personal details to the folks from Guests of Fashion over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, Patron of Dreams is now being featured on their website!

I am so very grateful to Guests of Fashion for this opportunity and I’m feeling totally inspired and encouraged to continue on this amazing journey at full force!


Vintage: 1970’s necklace
Thrifted: Beige jacket by XoMm (to be featured on my next blog post!)

Classic tailored shirt from GAP, floral satin trousers from Forever21, blue ankle boots by DIBA


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