The Patron of Dreams has arrived!  Please step into my parlour where I will show you beautiful and eclectic fashion, art, film, and dance as I share my creative universe with you.  My greatest desires are to collaborate with the artists and creatives of the world to bring forth new and magnificent creations and most certainly to inspire!  I wish nothing more than for this blog to ignite your creative spark or fan your already burning flames, and to remind you that there truly is magic in the world for those who choose to see it!  When the light is just right, or time seems to disappear.  When all the obstacles vanish to make way for YOU so you can bring to the world whatever it is that only YOU can do!  I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by some of the most talented and creative people in the world who inspire me and encourage my creative journey every day.  I hope to showcase some of these artistic gems on the blog as our collaborations unfold.  I am so very full of gratitude to be embarking on this new adventure and sharing my journey with you!  I hope you enjoy!

Let it be exclaimed loud and clear from the mountain tops that I owe a dept of gratitude to Michael Sanders of Electric Monk Media for all his tech savvy and incredible eye behind the camera, for this blog would truly not exist without him.  Above all, my greatest thanks is for his endless enthusiasm for my crazy creative endeavours.  I’m sincerely amazed and grateful every time he agrees to collaborate with me!  Also, to my beloved Gregory Chomichuk who is always an inspiration and constant supporter of everything I do!  You should check his blog out, he’s truly amazing!

Welcome to the Carnival!

To me the carnival represents another world.  A place where anything can happen, a place of imagination and fun where you can let your hair down and walk on the wild side.  It’s a place for the senses to be thrilled.  The carnival is magic, mystery and mischief!  This is why I chose it for my very first blog post.  In a way, I feel as though I’ve run away to join the circus with all the other interesting folks who are unapologetically living life on the fringe.  I believe the world needs more authenticity, and that is what I plan to show you.  I’ve arrived, travel trunk in hand and ready for bold adventure!  Let’s see where this crazy ride takes us!  Enjoy!

Photo by Michael Sanders @electricmonks

Photo by Michael Sanders @electricmonks

PHOTOS by: Michael Sanders of Electric Monk Media

MODEL: Yours Truly (a.k.a Patron of Dreams)

HAIR by: Laura Warren of Hat Trix Hair Salon

MAKEUP by: Patron of Dreams

STYLING by: Patron of Dreams

SCRIPT POSTER by: Artist Kal Barteski

VINTAGE: shoes,top hat, fur stole, velour vest, crinoline, crocheted gloves, travelling trunk, turkish and afghani jewelry, banjara textile belt, marching band jacket
THRIFTED: velvet skirt
Parasol from Prairie Sky Books, Lace Crocheted top by Sans Souci, Leopard print bra by Xhilaration,  Striped tights and lace bandeau by American Apparel, Pants by Patron of Dreams

The Circus Arrives Without Warning…

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